Instructions on how to enter the house TT128 is blocked

The dealer has a large number of players, blocked by the network, are the reasons why players cannot access TT128. Thus, we would like to share the article “How to enter TT128 when blocked”. You guys just need to follow these simple steps.

As players know, currently Vietnamese laws still do not allow most of the online betting subjects to operate freely in all forms. block out.

In addition, because the traffic to TT128 is overcrowded, it leads to network congestion between the lines.

2.Instructions on how to access the TT128 link when blocked

Computer interface

When you click on the link but it is blocked, first change to DNS on your computer. How to do the following:

Step 1: You search from ” Control Panel ” on the search engine of the computer, then select Network and Internet and then you select Network and Sharing Center.

Control Panel
how to get into tt128 when blocked

Step 2: Click Change Adapter Settings , then right-click Ethernet and click Properties .

Change Adapter Settings
how to get into tt128 when blocked

Step 3: Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click Properties .

Internet Protocol Version 4

Step 4: Click the Use the Following DNS server addresses section and change the IP for your computer as follows:

Use the Following DNS server addresses

You can choose one of the following 3 DNS numbers to change:

VDNS Google


DNS Verizon




After changing DNS on the computer, you can access the website of the dealer tt128 normally.

Phone interface

Cash access to the phone just got easier. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Go to the Appstore or CHplay depending on the operating system you are using, then you download the DNS changer application.

how to get into tt128 when blocked

Step 2: Open the application and click Accept to agree to the terms and rules of the application. Then proceed to change DNS on the phone.

how to get into tt128 when blocked

Step 3: Choose Google DNS and change the IP as follows:

DNS 1:

DNS 2:

Click Start => will see the application turns green => change DNS successfully.

Then you just need to visit the house link tt128 is successful already. The article on how to access tt128 has been solved for you on computers and phones. I wish you success and see you next time!