(Link to TT128) The link to TT128 has not been blocked the latest | Link TT128

The TT128 dealer has begun to appear in Vietnam recently and is highly appreciated by many players. Therefore, the network has some preventive policies. Part of the reason is due to the large amount of players accessing, causing congestion. Now the link on TT128 will help players solve all the above problems. To clarify, please see the article below.

link to TT128
Link to TT128

Links to TT128 have not been blocked recently

To be able to access the TT128 dealer, please use the following backup TT128 link:

Link 1 – Link 2 – Link 3

These links access the dealer and experience the normal online games. So you completely assured offline.

Some other ways when links to TT128 are blocked

Besides using the backup link, you can also use some of the following ways to access the TT128 dealer:

link to TT128
Link to TT128

1. Use an external application

Players can use some external applications such as:

– Use Opera VPN to access

– Use Proxy software

– Use Addon AnonyMox to bypass firewall

– …

2. Change DNS to access the TT128 dealer

Select ” Network And Sharing Center ” under the WIFI or LAN icon (as shown)


Then select ” Change adapter settings”


Next select ” Properties “


Then ” Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) ” and select ” Properties “


Select ” Use the following DNS server ” and fill in the following:


DNS Google:


Cloudflare DNS:

Some promotions of the house TT128

When registering an account you will be rewarded with 100,000 VND Free to join the betting experience. Thereby, players will test before starting to deposit money into betting. And you can withdraw your winnings when you qualify.

link to TT128

Besides the first promotion, the TT128 dealer also has many other promotions such as: 

– 100% bonus for participating in sports betting

– 50% bonus when making deposits to online Casino

– Bonus 120% for depositing money in Slot Games

TT128 also offers many promotions when there are big events so that players do not get bored when participating.

Articles introducing links to TT128 here is all, if you have other questions, please contact us. Wish you join the big win betting at TT128