The easiest guide to withdraw money TT128

Although just appearing on the market, the TT128 dealer has become famous for sports betting products, casinos and especially esports products. Besides betting games, deposit and withdrawal services at the house TT128 are also extremely fast. We will guide TT128 withdraw money fastest and simplest for players.

Instruction to withdraw money TT128

Instruction to withdraw money TT128

Step 1: Make a withdrawal order

You need to log in to the official website of the TT128 dealer. Click the $ icon at the top of the page, then choose Withdraw.

Transfer the amount you need to withdraw from the secondary account to the main account.

* Note: The minimum amount for each withdrawal is VND 200,000, and the maximum is VND 200,000,000. If you want to withdraw beyond this number, you only need to withdraw several times.

Step 2: Fill out the withdrawal information

Next, you need to complete and accurate information required in the form to withdraw money: Bank name, full name, account number, city and bank branch. This is all required information you need to fill to withdraw money.

To avoid losing confirmation and transactions, you need to fill in the correct information.

Step 3: Confirm the information

Instruction to withdraw money TT128

After checking your most accurate information, click Submit.

When you first join the TT128 dealer, the dealer will send you an email asking you to provide information to ensure the security of your account. Once you have submitted the required information, the TT128 dealer will verify the information and transfer money to you in less than 30 minutes.

Above are the 3 easiest and fastest withdrawal steps at the TT128 house. You should note the conditions for withdrawal and fill in the most accurate information. If you encounter any difficulties during the withdrawal process. Please contact customer service department of TT128 for assistance.

The article for withdrawing money by TT128 has shown the simplest way to withdraw. Thank you for reading the article and see you again!